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With so many events on the calendar you can get bogged down in the logistical nightmare of making sure deadlines are met, graphics delivered, hotels booked, passes allocated etc. - our @EVITO services take all of those basic tasks of your shoulders, allowing you to focus on messaging, positioning and business development issues that will make the real difference to your success levels. We will also make sure that everything is prepared on-site allowing your staff to arrive and get on with the business of selling and promoting your products, solutions and services. We will also take care of clearing everything down and returning it to base if you desire.


EVITO can carry out all administrative work on behalf of our client with any event organizer plus the preparation and shipping of materials to and from the venue.


in addition to the '@EVITO SERVICE' - EVITO will be on-site at the event with a representative to ensure a proper setup prior to, during and at the close of the event as required.


EVITO can provide a full stand/booth design and build service in collaboration with our strategic partners in the UK and Europe including graphic design and production.


Ability to produce collateral and literature as required to client specifications plus design/production capability for event-specific materials.


Organization of prize draws / promotion activities at the events..


A physical and ‘electronic’ warehouse of materials including pop-up booths, banners, give-aways, pens, pads etc plus logos and electronic documents for distribution.


EVITO can collect lead forms and/or downloads provide summary analysis and transfer data to an agreed defined format for follow-up.


In a quarterly driven budget period it can be frustrating to loose unspent marketing dollars, euros and pounds.

Our Budget Management services allow you to deposit funds with EVITO for spending against later activities, making your budget go further and maximising your return.

EVITO will pay invoices on your behalf, book and pay for activities, meetings and events, promotional items etc. and provide monthly reports on the current balance on hand.

We simply charge a fixed fee per transaction depending on your requirement.

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