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Paul trowbridge

An experienced and versatile senior IT marketeer with an extensive background in telecoms , data and storage networking and in a career spanning almost 30 years with well-known industry brands like 3Com, Bay Networks, Netgear, Nortel and most recently Brocade. Paul brings his vendor experience and understanding to EVITO to help our clients get the most from their event planning and spending.

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Bill dunlop

Through Angel Business Communications Bill has established himself firmly in the minds of the IT storage sector thorough his growing stable of publications including SNS Europe, DCS Europe, Virtualization , Security and Cloud Services World. Alongside this, Bill has been instrumental in delivering the flagship events in Europe for both the Storage Network and Fibre Channel Industry Associations. Our association with Angel helps Evito deliver the logistical resources to support any event and gives us access to a fully qualified database of industry professionals in the storage sector.

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Sharon Cowley

Sharon Cowley is a vastly experienced event manager with specific skills in venue management, logistics, planning and execution, exhibition setup and support. Sharon has managed events and exhibitions across EMEA, Asia and USA with over 5,000 visitors and 100 sponsors/exhibitors.

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Paul Talbut

Based in Sydney, and with over 40 years of experience in corporate data centres and the storage industry, Paul has a strong background as a business leader and industry evangelist. Paul was the founder of a storage reseller business in the UK, whilst chairing prominent non-profit industry associations over long periods, and has been at the heart of the global storage market for over 20 years building an excellent network of worldwide contacts.  Paul has a passion for playing a role in the education and adoption of data storage, Cloud, and associated  technologies and has recently been responsible for organising a number of major conferences across Asia Pacific. To contact our Asia-Pacific office call +61 (0)424 665024 or email [email protected]

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Our strength comes from our unique business network, allowing us to deliver any size event.